The Kates Hill Press is an independent small press dedicated to producing short runs of fiction, social history, and poetry by west midlands writers or with a west midlands theme.

Kates Hill, one time huddle of back to back and terraced houses on the hill across from Dudley Castle.  In the civil war, parliamentary forces made their attacks on the Royalist castle from here.  In the industrial revolution it was home to thousands of miners and scores of tiny pubs and shops in which you could buy all sorts.  Kates Hillians had no need to go into Dudley was the proud boast, right up until the 1950s. All the back to backs and most of the terraces have gone now but the council estates of the 1920s and later remain, housing an ethnically diverse community.

Bringing culture from a council estate, the Kates Hill Press was established  in 1992.  We now have over 50 works out by some 20 different authors.  A further 2 authors are published in an anthology and another  5 on the old web site.  Their output includes novels, short story collections, social history, poetry and dialect poetry.

The Kates Hill Press also publishes two series; A Pocketful of Memories, in which bygone times and places are brought to life through the words of local authors; and Black Country Classics, in which works long out of print are made available to the modern audience.

The Kates Hill Press acts as ticketing partner to Black Country Theatre and Lamp Tavern Live.