Doctor and The Grant Re-released.

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We are delighted to announce, that in association with Rocket Cottage Studio in West Bromwich, we are re-releasing the comedy CDs Doctor and The Grant. This time they are performed by Black Country Theatre.

Modern Art again. Bert and Edna are bemoaning the fact that Dudley Council have started putting up sculptures on the car parks now, as well as the roundabouts! But soon a visitor from th’off needs to see the Doctor…

Greg Stokes popular story performed by Black Country Theatre

But our friends from Skaro aren’t the only ones to visit the Black Country as the Martians come to have a look at total conquest in Greg Stokes reworking of the HG Wells classic.

The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one… And Oggler put the bet on, so Cary the bookie was on his toes…

See how it all pans out in:-


1) Doctor

2) The Reduced War of the Worlds


In which Daleks and Martians stalk the Black Country!

Modern Art mercilessly debunked by four Black Country characters created by Greg Stokes and brought to life by Black Country Theatre.

Modern art… Has to have a sheet to explain it!

The cover photograph… Travelling Light on 96 Avenue NE, Calgary, AB. Had its own plaque!

Don’t you just love it! Les, Des, Steph and Sheila do in:-


1) The Grant

2) The Grant part 2


In which Des decides to build a Garden Shed to convey the philosophical absurdities of modern life and to ask the Arts Council for a grant to do it.

The Big Apple, which was available on an earlier version of The Grant will appear on another CD to be released soon.