Snowman 2 – Greg Stokes
Another hilarious comedy from Greg Stokes. The wee lad who went walking in the air. We never learned his name, but it was Jimmy. Well, jimmy is now 18 and just out of therapy. all that walking talking snowman stuff was just unreal... or bollocks as we say in Dudley. In Snowman 2 Jimmy has recently started work and is hoping to get off the mark with Fiona at the office Christmas party... Well, obsessed with getting off the mark with Fiona . Worried that things may drop off if he doesn't succeed, a heavy snow falls to dash his hopes... Then an old friend turns up, and this time he's Scottish... and Father Christmas is a Scouser!! Performed by Black Country Theatre
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We Can Work It Out CD – Joanne Webster
We Can Work It Out is a comedy by emerging Tipton born playwright Joanne Webster. Long suffering Grace is cuckolded yet again by her serial adulterer husband Eddie... But this tine it’s with her best friend Moira! Eddie’s best friend Ray suggests they can work it out... By going on the Jeremy Vile show... They can work it out... Can’t they? Performed by Black Country Theatre  
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The Hop Pickers – Barry Harper
The Hop Pickers A play for radio, by Barry J. Harper. Set in the 1950's, a young lad from the Midlands goes to visit some relatives, who are hop picking in Worcestershire. His first trip on a train. His first time in the countryside. And his first encounter with a girl. 40 years on, and things have changed. Or have they ? Featuring the voices of Barry J. Harper and Jamie Lee Beacher (who appear in BBC 1 'Doctors' and feature films, 'Jawbone' and 'Kingsman 2') the play is a story of growing up, in a different time, of warm summer days. Original music by Fiachra Trench.
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Edna and Arthur – Carol Midwood
CD version of Carol's booklet of poems about the composite Black Country characters.
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The Grant – Greg Stokes
Modern Art debunked mercilessly by four Black Country characters created by Greg Stokes. Recorded at Rocket Cottage Studio in West Bromwich, hear Black Country Theatre perform two of Greg Stokes' hilarious Les and Sheila stories on this CD. In 2003 the Baggies played Newcastle in the Carling Cup so Greg and family went up for the match, taking in the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in the morning.  Never a fan of modern art Greg penned The Grant the following month.  In this story the lead character decides to build a garden shed and stick it in an art gallery.  The announcement of the 2005 Turner Prize short list saw a garden shed in with a shout.  To show that we in the Black Country thought of it first, the Kates Hill Press decided to bring out a CD recording of the story. The big difference between us and the Turner Prize people is of course that we know that we are taking the piss! The CD also includes The Grant Part 2 in which Des and Steph apply for an Arts Council grant. They are joined by a Belgian woman who also applies in order to build a bird's nest on the side of the Rotunda in Birmingham. This really did happen! The Big Apple which was on an earlier version of this CD will be released soon on another recording.  
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Doctor – Greg Stokes
Two hilarious tracks from the Black Country comedy writer performed by black Country Theatre, and recorded at Rocket Cottage Studio in West Bromwich. 1) Doctor - Black Country Theatre perform this favourite from the Lamp Tavern shows. It starts with Bert and Edna bemoaning the fact that Dudley Council have started putting sculptures on the car parks now, but soon, a visitor from th’off needs to see the Doctor... (First performed at the Lamp Tavern, Dudley, 23/12/05) 2) The Reduced War Of The Worlds - Barry Harper narrates an alternative War of the Worlds in which the Martians land on Kates Hill. With Joanne Webster as Julie, and the many voices of Greg Stokes as Oggler,  the gunner, the Martians, the Vicar, and many others. (First performed at the Lamp Tavern, Dudley, 28/04/06) 3) Doctor - Greg is joined by Louise and Brendan for an alternative version of Doctor.
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