A Pack Of Saftness – Greg Stokes
Gil had been standing on Fifth avenue unable to move for people. "There's more than five bloody families here, kid," he'd told Gerry. A Pack Of Saftness is a spoof detective novel set in a fictitious Black Country republic, independent of England, known affectionately as the BC. A Pack of Saftness introduces Inspector H McDonald - Riffy H - head of homicide of the BCPD. The caper follows Riffy H as he pursues a serial killer who is wasting members of the local ecological group Green Henry like it is going out of fashion and the fact the local crime syndicate are involved in a cultural exchange with the New York mafia only clouds the issue. A Pack Of Saftness, being part one of The Pantechnicon, is... a right ruddy pack of saftness.
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Brierley Hills Cop – Greg Stokes
Set in the Black Country Republic, independent of England, Riffy H McDonald, most celebrated cop of the BCPD, is back in the second part of the Pantechnicon Trilogy. Fresh from the plaudits of the Caprioni case told in the first novel A PACK OF SAFTNESS, Riffy H is mysteriously transferred from Homicide to Vice, and then suspended… In seeing off the New York mob, the Black Country had become the fashionable place to be among the Hollywood elite. They move en masse from Beverley Hills to Brierley Hill where the locals add an S to the name to make them feel at home. American businessmen are even building a new theme park out near the Black Country International Airport. But what are they really up to… Riffy H is on the case. But will he find out in time…
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