A Witness for Peace – Greg Stokes


Someone brought a blanket and covered him over. A man approached my mother, “Did you know the Americans bombed Libya last night?” She did not….

Following the bombing of targets in Libya by the USA in 1986, Dudley man Doug Stokes was murdered in Marrakesh by an Arab looking for Americans – an act reported across the globe as that of a “crazed knifeman running amok”.
“A Witness For Peace” tells the real story in a powerfully written account which takes the reader through a working class life which ended in tragic death, through a stoic fight with intransigent insurers and indifferent politicians to an ultimate statement of hope for the future.
“A Witness for Peace” is a moving story at times angry and indignant, but not without flashes of humour. The work critically analyses the product of the media as well as describing their excesses in obtaining it; it tackles the issue of crime and insanity in a case where the culprit got away with it; and it examines the role of professionals in an expanding bereavement counselling industry. The conclusions are startling.
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Foreword by LENNY HENRY

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A5 paperback; 176 pages; £6.99 (plus £1.30 p&p)
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