Blue Genes – Les Lacey



The story of Josh, a remarkable Staffordshire Bull Terrier seen by many as having special qualities distinguishing him from others. He was adored by dog lovers at shows and attracted many glowing compliments… as well as astronomical offers for him.

The attribute making him different from all but a handful of dogs was his colour, known in the breed as blue, but in truth a deep slate grey.


Blue was not the colour for many breeders and judges who shunned Josh in shows, often without reason. But josh continued to turn heads wherever he went, and broke hearts throughout the world.

BLUE GENES charts Josh’s life from him becoming part of a family in Walsall in the West Midlands, through his show career, the illness that proved difficult to diagnose, and the almost star treatment he received, with him appearing on a calendar, in a video, in a book, and as a model for a porcelain figure.

BLUE GENES is a story of loyalty, and commitment and of jealousy and prejudice. Above all however it is a story of a family’s love for the pet they’ve chosen to care for, demonstrating that animals, as well as people can be inspirational. As such BLUE GENES is a story for pet owner and non pet owners alike.

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Royal 8vo paperback, 188 pages, £9.00 (plus £1.30 p&p)
ISBN 978 1 904552 37 6


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