Poems Of Hope – Ian Henery


These Poems of Hope were born out of the Covid-19 pandemic which has swept away the old lifestyles of the entire world. Some are about what has befallen us all but the collection is far more wide ranging. There are poems for Ian’s daughters, for his partner, for his home town. Poems referencing local nature reserves, poems of Norse warriors and ancient gods, the Chinese Labour Corps, and  Sister Dora.

Ian Henery is a successful local solicitor with offices across the West Midlands. But that’s just the day job. He is a prolific author and poet well known on the spoken word circuit. He is an indefatiguable supporter of his fellow wordsmiths and a generous supporter of local causes. Poems of Hope are indeed poems of Hope. This is as fine a collection of uplifting verse as you could wish to read.

Ian Henery presents the Poetry Show on HOPE Radio 87.9FM. The station is a new project born out of the Covid-19 pandemic and is run by volunteers.


The cover photograph is of The Pillar Of Friendship at Coalbrookdale in Shropshire.  Within the pillar,  the panels are the work of sculptors from USA, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Palestine and the UK. As long as people from nations at conflict can unite in a project of friendship, there will always be HOPE.


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A5 paperback, 76 pages, £6.00 (plus £1.20 p&p)
ISBN 978 1 904552 61 1