Reflections – Clarice Hackett
"Clouds break with a crack Torrential rain falls Peppering windows Splashing walls" From Rainy Moods Reflections is a collection of 49 of Clarice Hackett's poems, some of which have been published before in various magazines including Woman's Own. Includes; "Sam", "Aria of Autumn", "Rainy Moods"; "The Call of the Sea", "Sport of a Sort" and many more.
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Chant of the Mutha Tung – Billy Spakemon
"In Tippun things am pucked up they lyke stoowed tay. Now the tacky bonks bay no moowa in Braidly" From That's the Wey we Spake Dialect Poetry from Brian Dakin who writes and performs under the name Billy Spake Mon. This is a passionate volume that shows that the Black Country Dialect is here to stay. Includes; "Naiyla Wimmin", "That's the Wey we Spake", "Mutha Tung", "In the Fode" and "Town on Foowa Moowerns." Read em out loud, get the rhythm, be proud….
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Edna and Arthur – Carol Midwood
CD version of Carol's booklet of poems about the composite Black Country characters.
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Happiness Is… – Carol Ward
"The Baftas and Oscars oh what a bore, superlatives abound and luvvies galore..." From The Baftas the Oscars HAPPINESS IS…A collection of Wolverhampton poet Carol Ward’s work reflecting the quirky nature of human beings and relationships. Carol’s writing is influenced by alternative and zany comedians such as Eddie Izzard and Spike Milligan and writes who are bold and adventurous in their work. She has been described as the ‘Pam Ayres of the Black Country,’ by Express and Star columnist Peter Rhodes these poems are lively and humorous. Happiness Is,,, includes her ‘Animals’ collection.
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Converstations With the Family of the Grotesque – Louise Mary Stokes
Kimmy Sue Anne the Chav Poet:- Is just one of the characters of Louise Mary Stokes. If you thought she was bad enough, there’s a whole family of them… Nan - Roz Coalstead, a sweet little old lady (coughs) Great Uncle Dirk O’T’Dea - Stand oop comedian from oop North. Nicola Goff - The goth, Kimmy Sue Anne’s cousin, formerly Nicola Heathland Smith but changed her initials from NHS… her world is bleak bleak bleak. Pamela Mary Crabfish - Dirk’s ex missus, from Glastonbury, wears tartan, drinks baby ham and black. Arthur Stringer Turner - Pamela’s nephew, Kimmy Sue Anne’s second cousin twice removed - or something - angry young man wannabe. Celestine - Kimmy Sue Anne’s eccentric aunt from somewhere exceedingly posh… Solihull Jean-Stefan de le Broadbean d’ Urse au Mange Tout - French artist, the intended of Nan Roz Coalstead. Meet them all in this book…
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The Forts of Kimmy Sue Anne – Louise Mary Stokes
Kimmy Sue Anne, from the rough, tough streets of Dudley’s Kates Hill, overlooked as it is by the town’s ancient castle, waxes lyrical about her love of ancient military edifices, inspired no doubt by… Yo! Guy! It is not those kind of forts, it is the forts that I is finkin innit. Those are the forts in this book, what I have writ… The Forts of Kimmy Sue Anne… Words of wisdom from Kates Hill’s finest chav poet though innit. Yo! Guy! I is da only chav wot is writin me pwoems… The Forts of Kimmy Sue Anne, award winning poet… Yo! Guy! Wot award is it I is winnin… Kates Hill Press Chav Poet of the Year 2007… Yo! Guy! Seein as you is awardin me you can keep your forts… Kimmy Sue Anne:- Just one of the characters of Louise Mary Stokes. There’s a whole family of them to look forward to...
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Exhibit B- Brendan Hawthorne
Set in a virtual museum, Exhibit B explores facets of memory and fantasy and how remnants of those memories can be illuminating or disorientating to our well-being as they are inputted and stored upon a hard drive of sub-consciousness. It is written through the eyes of a seeker visiting influential halls of mirrors displayed on screen in temporary exhibition rooms before they are deleted or given a permanent space by the omni-present guide.
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Blue Genes – Les Lacey
BLUE GENES... The story of Josh, a remarkable Staffordshire Bull Terrier seen by many as having special qualities distinguishing him from others. He was adored by dog lovers at shows and attracted many glowing compliments... as well as astronomical offers for him. The attribute making him different from all but a handful of dogs was his colour, known in the breed as blue, but in truth a deep slate grey. BLUE - THE COLOUR OF CUPID’S DART Blue was not the colour for many breeders and judges who shunned Josh in shows, often without reason. But josh continued to turn heads wherever he went, and broke hearts throughout the world. BLUE GENES charts Josh’s life from him becoming part of a family in Walsall in the West Midlands, through his show career, the illness that proved difficult to diagnose, and the almost star treatment he received, with him appearing on a calendar, in a video, in a book, and as a model for a porcelain figure. BLUE GENES is a story of loyalty, and commitment and of jealousy and prejudice. Above all however it is a story of a family’s love for the pet they’ve chosen to care for, demonstrating that animals, as well as people can be inspirational. As such BLUE GENES is a story for pet owner and non pet owners alike.
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