Blackpool or Bust – Paul Evans
Coventry born author Paul Evans’ brilliant debut novel. Curmudgeonly Charlie Wilson likes giving Care Assistant Jack McDonald a hard time. But when Jack learns of Charlie’s diagnosis, it’s time to put old feelings aside. A new promotion affords Jack the opportunity to realise Charlie’s remaining wish to visit the place of his betrothal so despite the odds, it’s BLACKPOOL OR BUST. The amorous intentions of Mary in combination with the interests of Laura add spice to the plot as Jack helps Charlie reach his goal. At turns comic, tragic, and steamy, you won’t be able to put this one down.
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Twenty One Today – Carol Hathorne
'I never thought I`d get the key to me own front door!' Pam Bailey confessed. Proudly, she showed her two friends into the living room of her brand new high rise flat. It was one of several blocks which identified the state of the art council estate and was unlike any development ever seen before in the industrial Black Country town of Tipton. So starts Twenty One Today to continue the stories of Pam Bailey, Jenny Day, and Marie Townsend, the characters Carol Hathorne introduced in her endearing novel ONLY SIXTEEN. Set once more against the backdrop of the industrial west midlands, Twenty One Today charts the lives of the three friends through expanding horizons, work relationships, and love, to full independence signified by their own keys to their own doors! Another gem from the pen of Carol Hathorne
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