John Summerton was born in Birmingham in 1959 and grew up a stone’s throw from Birmingham City’s home of St Andrews. He went to Wyndcliffe Road Junior and infants and Saltley Grammar School. He left Birmingham in 1977, moving to Liverpool to complete a degree in biochemistry. He spent the next four years realizing he wasn’t cut out for a career in scientific research, moving to Southampton in the process. After a year of doing various bits and bobs he embarked on a career in nursing, firstly as a nursing assistant in a residential home for people with learning disabilities. During these years he was the lead singer of the mildly legendary and very noisy folk group Clause IV, once described by ‘Due South’ magazine as ‘Southampton’s answer to the Pogues’. He moved to Macclesfield in 1988 and lives there to this day. He spent years as an activist in the local Labour Party and even became a Borough Councillor but fell off the left-hand edge of the party when Tony Blair became leader He qualified as a mental health nurse in 1991 and has worked for the NHS ever since currently managing a crisis and home treatment team. As a lifelong Blues fan and long term employee of the NHS he was due a break and this came with the publication of his first book ‘My Mate StAn – a personal history of St Andrews and stuff’ by Kates Hill Press in 2006. He is a frequent if irregular contributor of articles to the Birmingham City football fanzine ‘Made in Brum’.

He lives with wife Mary-Ann in an old draughty house on a hill with their two cats and three unruly dogs.  His first novel Taken Over was published in 2008