Paul Evans was born in Coventry in 1975 and save for a brief spell living in Sheffield whilst at University in the nineties, has lived in his home city all his life.  He developed a passion for writing from an early age, and dreamed of being a journalist.  Life, however, and the ratio of females to males on an alternative degree course meant this dream remained unrealised.  After leaving University he worked as a manager in a customer service centre before moving to his present role working for a Government Agency.  It was a combination of nature and nurture (and too many years as a Coventry City season ticket holder) that helped him develop the humorous, sarcastic, bitter and extremely twisted outlook on life that permeates his debut novel ‘Blackpool or Bust’, a story centring on the various relationships of a young carer working in a residential home for the elderly.  Paul married his long term partner Helen in Sorrento in August 2004 and celebrated the birth of their first child Freddie in July 2009.

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