The Bawdy Bloody Black Country – Carol Midwood
"Young Will Taylor should never EVER have shagged Sarah Dunn..." From Bold William Taylor. Carol Midwood has taken the songs of Black Country Night Out legend Jon Raven depicting the seemier side of 19th century Black Country life and converted them into a fine collection of short stories. The bawdy tales include Nine Times A Night and The Buxom Dairy Maid. The bloody tales include The Wednesbury Cock Fight and The Tale of Trubshaw and Green. But they are all Black Country tales and they are all side splittingly hilarious. A must have title for all lovers of Black Country humour.
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Edna and Arthur – Carol Midwood
"Our Arthur," said Edna, "Oy'm off ter see Mom "Er cor abide yo' so yo'd better not come." From DIY At Edna and Arthur's A booklet of poems about the composite characters Edna and Arthur. Carol and her husband John once kept the Old Mill, a Holden's house in Upper Gornal. Edna and Arthur are based on the many parts of their regulars. Join Arthur doing DIY and the housework, accompany them on trips to Ikea, Spain and the Stourbridge Beer Festival. Meet their pets, the cats and Gnasher the dog. Whatever they do, a trip to the pub is never far away for Arthur, and Edna isn't averse to a tipple herself. The booklet is complimented with illustrations by Karen Brockhouse.
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Edna and Arthur – Carol Midwood
CD version of Carol's booklet of poems about the composite Black Country characters.
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