Taken Over – John Summerton
One day, Alistair Carne will win a bet… One day, he does… And that’s the day he has bet he can spend the night in a mental health institution and succeeded. Getting in? Easy peasy! So getting back out again the next day to collect his winnings will surely be simplicity itself… But this is the 21st Century Britain where simplicity itself is off the menu... Follow Alistair Carne’s fortunes as he seeks to escape the Kafkaesque nightmare of his own making in John Summerton’s hilarious debut novel. At turns moving and poignant, but brilliantly funny throughout, a story unfolds in which the lunatics really have TAKEN OVER the asylum.
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My Mate Stan – A Personal History of St Andrews and Stuff – John Summerton
Birmingham City Football Club were founded in 1875 and have played at St Andrews since 1906. To celebrate the centenary of the ground John Summerton has woven his personal odyssey as a Bluenose with a history of the stadium. It tells of the highs and the lows, the delight and the pain. It is at turns touching, poignant, and downright funny. It is about football, family and friends, but above all it is about John's mate StAn. Top football reporter and commentator Tom Ross talks of the football family of the west midlands. In that spirit, My Mate Stan is written by a Bluenose, published by a Baggie, and printed just over the road from the Custard Bowl, home of the Dingles.. sorry, Molineux Stadium, home of the Wolves. This is the 21st title of Kates Hill Press project. While all titles to date have been Black Country based, it was always the hope/intention to be pan west midlands. My Mate Stan is our first Birmingham title, the first of many we hope.
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