A Hard Rain On Birchfield – S.G. Grey


The weakly lit scene below viewed from up on that purposely darkened silent space was exactly as it had been described; the position of the body, the age of the victim and the gender.

Carson studied that grim tableau for a moment or two more; and then the Detective rose to his feet and began to make his way into the light again. He was wondering if everything else he’d been told relating to the killing was as accurate and true as the description of that bloodied place he was treading towards…


A HARD RAIN ON BIRCHFIELD is the sequel to A COLD SNAP ON SNOW HILL, S.G. Grey’s debut novel, self-published in 2002.


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Royal 8vo paperback. 232 pages £10.00 (plus £1.50p&p)
ISBN: 978 1 904552-47-5


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