A Pack Of Saftness – Greg Stokes


Gil had been standing on Fifth avenue unable to move for people.
“There’s more than five bloody families here, kid,” he’d told Gerry.

A Pack Of Saftness is a spoof detective novel set in a fictitious Black Country republic, independent of England, known affectionately as the BC. A Pack of Saftness introduces Inspector H McDonald – Riffy H – head of homicide of the BCPD.
The caper follows Riffy H as he pursues a serial killer who is wasting members of the local ecological group Green Henry like it is going out of fashion and the fact the local crime syndicate are involved in a cultural exchange with the New York mafia only clouds the issue.
A Pack Of Saftness, being part one of The Pantechnicon, is… a right ruddy pack of saftness.

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Royal 8vo paperback, 92 pages, £6.00 (plus £1.00 p&p)
ISBN 978 1 904552 34 5


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