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The Road To Number Ten: Kindle Edition – Greg Stokes


Margaret Hilda Thatcher, the marmite Prime Minister. You either loved her, or hated her. Greg Stokes detested the bitch. The Road to Number Ten – Thatcher’s First Hours in Hell was written in the month after her death. Number Ten, is the new circle Hades MBC have built to house the Tories, Dante only having provided for nine. Thatcher is escorted from the Ritz to the River of Styx by the Grim Reaper. At the ferry port they are joined by the demon Baphomet, otherwise known as the Goat of Mendes. On the ferry she is witness to a pageant of her errors and led to believe a rescue is possible. Clarkson, Gove, and Nick Robinson put in an appearance, but Clarkson is only there to do a Top Gear special and Gove is only there to offer hell Academy status following their recent “outstanding” Ofsted. Arriving in hell the pageant of her errors continues on the quayside before she meets all the demons of hell including the Prince of Darkness himself, Satan. All of the staff of hell make it clear they think very little of Thatcher or Thatcherism and they are disrespectful throughout. Thatcher is then given a tour of hell to show that the service provided by Hades College For Miscreants is truly individualised. This tour features Deng Xiaoping, Pinochet, Stalin, Hitler and Fegelein before Thatcher comes face to face with Judas Iscariot who has gone incandescent at the news that Blair will be moved in next door to him when he pops his clogs as he is now the biggest traitor in history (to the working classes at any rate.) There are guest appearances by Sean Connery as James Bond and Joey Goebbels as himself before Thatcher is finally delivered to her furnace. Tebbit and IDS’s furnaces are previewed as they are ready and waiting in the new tenth circle of hell.
If you hated Thatcher, you’ll love this. If you loved Thatcher then this story should probably come with a health warning as she is royally abused throughout. Now here’s the thing though Maggie lovers. Margaret would love you to spend your money downloading it onto your Kindle as it is an example of private enterprise… Now that
is funny.
Warning: contains strong language as the Thatch is roundly abused by the demons of hell throughout.
Further warning: There is a scene towards the beginning of the story in which there are two Margaret Thatchers. People of a nervous disposition may wish to avoid this scene. One Thatcher was one too many!

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