Born in Blackheath in 1920, Clarice Hackett left school at 14 and went to work at an office in Birmingham.  She left there to join BTH in Blackheath, working on the teleprinter that was connected to head office in Rugby – electronic communication in the 1930s!  She moved on to be a Dictaphone typist in Halesowen then a telephonist and typist at a timber yard on the Wolverhampton Road.  While there the war broke out prompting the Liverpudlian owners to relocate to Hagley.  Clarice opted to stay in the Black Country, working at Accles and Pollock and then Stewart and Lloyds.  Clarice married and brought up 4 children.  She took up writing in earnest upon retiring, contributing regularly to the Quinton and Halesowen News before going on to write the Petticoat Page in the early years of the Black Country Bugle.  She was for many years a leading light in Dudley Writer’s Circle and has contributed to many Black Country writers’ groups. Clarice Hackett published a volume of short stories under the name of Annie Old Iron and a recipe book to raise funds for leukaemia research.

She has made numerous appearances on Carl Chinn’s radio show. The Sportsman was published by the Kates Hill Press in 1996.  This was followed by Stories of the Old Black Country and Reflections (2001) and Stories of the Old Black Country Volume 2 and More Reflections (2002). Her second novel The Hairy Mouse will be published in 2004.  She has written her autobiography, excerpts of which have appeared on the website  In her later years she worked on a historical novel called The Flight From Worcester set in the English civil war and her autobiography.  Clarice died in August 2006.