The Hairy Mouse – Clarice Hackett


“Are you longing for your roots Doris?” Harriet asked.
“I’m not surprised, the Black Country isn’t a very 
pleasant place to live in.”

“‘Etty’, it said urgently. ‘Etty it’s me, Emily, your mother.
Speak to me Etty or the contact will be lost.'”

From The Hairy Mouse

A second novel from Clarice Hackett set at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries telling of two entrepreneurs who join forces to open a new coal mine. They want to keep it in the family so a marriage is planned between their offspring. But a complex web of deceit emerges involving questions of spiritualism, inheritance and love. In short another brilliant piece of writing from Clarice Hackett describing in vivid fashion a bye gone Black Country.
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A5 comb bound book; 168 pages; £6.00 (plus £1.20 p&p)
ISBN 1 904552 05 6


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