Stories of the Old Black Country – Clarice Hackett
As earth closets went...this one wasn't too bad...rather smelly, but so was everyone else's Eggy in Eggy Goes Hop Picking Four short stories set in the late 19th/early 20th century Black Country. EGGY GOES HOP PICKING recalls the days when the annual hop picking trip was the annual holiday. In BLACK COUNTRY JUNGLE too much time in a kid's hide-away leads to trouble for Billy. Can things be mended? MATILDA'S STORY sees Enoch look for love. Other people have other ideas when he finds it. WHAT'S IN A NAME tells why Aunt Dustere was called that.
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Stories of the Old Black Country Volume Two – Clarice Hackett
He's a bit on the big side, even for a pit-bull." The landlord in The African Pit- Bull Six more short stories vividly bringing to life the Black Country of times gone by. THE AFRICAN PIT BULL recalls the days when dog fighting was common. THE ARRIVAL OF THE QUEEN OF SHEBA set in more recent times, a canalside tale. FALLING IN LOVE WITH DAISY and LOVE AND LYDIA are love stories of a different kind. TAMING THE BULL, a Black Country version of an old folk tale. WHAT A GAME tells of a ladies football team--in the 1920s.
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The Sportsman – Clarice Hackett
"Well if you want my opinion George you could have done a lot worse than Rose." Ma Harris in The Sportsman Based on the life of George Harris who became a local sports legend. Through playing for Villa, Albion and Coventry he achieved the working man's dream of owning his own pub which he renamed THE SPORTSMAN. The novel tells the tale behind the headlines. Clarice Hackett's writing brings to life the early years of the 20th century; the coal and steel; the heat and the noise; the poverty and deprivation… and above all the passion for sport which drove men like George Harris. But George was driven by other passions too. The prospect of a marriage into respectability paves the way for a secure future…. Will things go George's way, or will they go the way of Rosannah, barmaid at George's local. The Sportsman is a story of love unrequited which displays a passion for life set against the grim backcloth of the Black Country at the turn of the last century. "I'm regularly asked to recommend reading which would give a quick dose of life as it was… This novel fills that request better than anything else that comes to mind." Stan Hill, The Blackcountryman "This story has everything, it should be made into a film or TV programme…" WABC Radio
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More Reflections – Clarice Hackett
"Tall white candles in the spring Promise Sport to be When prickly outer cases burst Beneath the chestnut tree" From Chestnuts A further 32 poems form this second volume of poems by Clarice Hackett. Again the subjects are wide-ranging, love, social issues, nature. Includes; "The Lace Maker", "Up the Cut", ""Nearly a Century of Progress", "A Ride on the Santa Special", "The Snow wind", and many more.
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The Hairy Mouse – Clarice Hackett
"Are you longing for your roots Doris?" Harriet asked. "I'm not surprised, the Black Country isn't a very  pleasant place to live in." "'Etty', it said urgently. 'Etty it's me, Emily, your mother. Speak to me Etty or the contact will be lost.'" From The Hairy Mouse A second novel from Clarice Hackett set at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries telling of two entrepreneurs who join forces to open a new coal mine. They want to keep it in the family so a marriage is planned between their offspring. But a complex web of deceit emerges involving questions of spiritualism, inheritance and love. In short another brilliant piece of writing from Clarice Hackett describing in vivid fashion a bye gone Black Country. For full synopsis click here
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