S.G. Grey was born in 1959 and hails from the Black Country district of Smethwick. He has spent most of his of his life in the Pheasey/Park Farm suburb of Walsall, being educated at Pheasey Primary and Barr Beacon Schools.

After a year as a pre-vocational student at Walsall School of Art Grey went on to successfully complete a 2 year Graphic Design course in 1978.

For most of the following decade S.G. Grey pursued a career in the advertising industry at agencies of varying size across Staffordshire and Warwickshire, for the latter 4 years as a freelance artist.

In the 1980s Grey was co-editor then editor of the 60s influenced independent music fanzine Shapes of Things, creating and laying out the artwork, interviewing, and writing numerous articles for the magazine.  His efforts saw him featured in the first ever broadcast of The Tube.

Co-written with M.D. Sandon, S.G. Grey’s first book was the factual, rites of passage From Somewhere out of Here. Published in 1997 it is still in print and selling.

Much of the photographic content and text of From Somewhere formed the core of a large exhibition staged at the Light House arts and media centre in Wolverhampton in 2003 celebrating Modernist youth culture 1959 to 1988.  In 2006, Grey’s second book, the crime fiction thriller A Cold Snap On Snow Hill (2001), was one of the featured novels in another exhibition at Light House, Four Counties Noir, highlighting the work of crime fiction authors from Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire. S.G. Grey created and curated both events.

Grey is currently completing the as yet untitled follow up novel to Cold Snap. His first title with The Kates Hill Press, The Kingstown Agenda, appeared in 2008.



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A Hard Rain On Birchfield – S.G. Grey
The weakly lit scene below viewed from up on that purposely darkened silent space was exactly as it had been described; the position of the body, the age of the victim and the gender. Carson studied that grim tableau for a moment or two more; and then the Detective rose to his feet and began to make his way into the light again. He was wondering if everything else he’d been told relating to the killing was as accurate and true as the description of that bloodied place he was treading towards...   A HARD RAIN ON BIRCHFIELD is the sequel to A COLD SNAP ON SNOW HILL, S.G. Grey’s debut novel, self-published in 2002.  
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The Kingstown Agenda – S.G. Grey
An impending, emotive Referendum on the contentious question of whether or not to abolish Sterling and replace it with the Single European Currency - The Euro - for the voters of the United Kingdom; is the highly charged background against which is set a narrative of suspicion, hostility, deep division, intrigue, treachery, anger, violence and murder; that opens with a phone call to a Security Service safe-house in central London - and a current password then correctly given - information concerning a death imparted - a series of orders issued; all from a surprising source... ...And Alex Smith's tour as the Senior Duty Officer on the graveyard shift at the safe-house, is about to be extended into some challenging, murky and very dangerous territory indeed...
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