Marooned – Louise Mary Stokes
"The way she looked, the way she spoke to me. Those things she said, the threats, the put-downs, the vicious, snide tone of her voice, grinding me down, day after day, after day, until I became a shadow, a hollwed out shell, unable to think or function..." From In The Cold Light Of Day MAROONED is as author LOUISE MARY STOKES describes it, “a journey through bullying using poetry as the guide.” Just one look at Louise’s CV tells a story of a formidable woman, who has achieved intellectually and professionally, and more recently as a writer and performer. How can a woman like that be bullied? Well, bullies are everywhere and the bullies described in Marooned operated in the NHS, beloved by the British public. The NHS came into being in the context that health care being the sole preserve of the wealthy could not continue. But the NHS is changing. There was a sketch in Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life in 1983 in which the patient was an afterthought. It was satire, and not meant to be the blueprint for future health care. In these days of targets one begins to wonder. To this we can add the welter of paper protocols in the name of Quality Assurance that in fact assure that quality doesn’t enter into it as the context of service to patients is stripped from the equation. It takes a certain type of person to manage this. Today’s NHS is constipated with functionaries, the frankly not very good who can’t or don’t do context, only paper protocol. In this environment another type of person flourishes alongside the functionary, a type of person whose skills are valued when hitting targets is the prime aim… the psychopath. Not the knife wielding maniacs depicted by Hitchcock and Hopkins but the bog standard person without a conscience who operates by distorting reality, draining their victims of their humanity like vampires. Another of their skills is superficial charm, wolves in sheep’s clothing who take people in and avoid detection. That is how even formidable people can be bullied. MAROONED charts a course through that process. It isn’t about the bullies as such. While it is important that the existence of bullies in our public services is broadcast, MAROONED is above all the compelling story of one woman’s survival. American psychologist Martha Stout, author of The Sociopath Next Door has written, “living well is the best form of revenge.” Bullies do not like people who are truly alive and beyond their power. In writing MAROONED, Louise Stokes has shown them that she is now living well.
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Rescued – Louise Mary Stokes
Louise Mary Stokes’ emerging profile as an author, poet, performer and comedienne was preceded by a flourishing career as a mental health professional in the NHS... Until she fell foul of bullies. She wrote of her experiences at their hands in MAROONED. Louise described MAROONED as “a one-off, a desire to share an experience of pain and hope, to help those immersed in similar experiences know that they are not alone, and to help those who are not to understand.” But, Louise recognizes, “one must confront not only the bad bits in others, but also the resultant unsavoury parts of oneself. Aspects that one never knew about or wanted to exist, brought from one’s core to the surface by trauma and crisis created by other human beings.” RESCUED describes this road to true healing and show that:- BULLYING IS A CRIME TO SURVIVE IT IS AN ART
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Faerie Dust – Louise Mary Stokes
Stephen is at home looking after the kids while Sally is away on a residential course... Louise Mary Stokes’ first full length novel, Faerie Dust, charts the life of Sally as it unfolds when she does not return home to resume her roles of loving mother and dutiful wife. Guided by her faeries, to whom she is known as Lilac Rainbow, she struggles to be herself rather than the person others would have her be. Faerie Dust is a powerful novel of self discovery which explores the pressure to comply and the spirit of individuality, and culminates dramatically as the two clash and only one can prevail...
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Converstations With the Family of the Grotesque – Louise Mary Stokes
Kimmy Sue Anne the Chav Poet:- Is just one of the characters of Louise Mary Stokes. If you thought she was bad enough, there’s a whole family of them… Nan - Roz Coalstead, a sweet little old lady (coughs) Great Uncle Dirk O’T’Dea - Stand oop comedian from oop North. Nicola Goff - The goth, Kimmy Sue Anne’s cousin, formerly Nicola Heathland Smith but changed her initials from NHS… her world is bleak bleak bleak. Pamela Mary Crabfish - Dirk’s ex missus, from Glastonbury, wears tartan, drinks baby ham and black. Arthur Stringer Turner - Pamela’s nephew, Kimmy Sue Anne’s second cousin twice removed - or something - angry young man wannabe. Celestine - Kimmy Sue Anne’s eccentric aunt from somewhere exceedingly posh… Solihull Jean-Stefan de le Broadbean d’ Urse au Mange Tout - French artist, the intended of Nan Roz Coalstead. Meet them all in this book…
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