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Converstations With the Family of the Grotesque – Louise Mary Stokes


Kimmy Sue Anne the Chav Poet:-

Is just one of the characters of Louise Mary Stokes. If you thought she was bad enough, there’s a whole family of them…

Nan – Roz Coalstead, a sweet little old lady (coughs)

Great Uncle Dirk O’T’Dea – Stand oop comedian from oop North.

Nicola Goff – The goth, Kimmy Sue Anne’s cousin, formerly Nicola Heathland Smith but changed her initials from NHS… her world is bleak bleak bleak.

Pamela Mary Crabfish – Dirk’s ex missus, from Glastonbury, wears tartan, drinks baby ham and black.

Arthur Stringer Turner – Pamela’s nephew, Kimmy Sue Anne’s second cousin twice removed – or something – angry young man wannabe.

Celestine – Kimmy Sue Anne’s eccentric aunt from somewhere exceedingly posh… Solihull

Jean-Stefan de le Broadbean d’ Urse au Mange Tout – French artist, the intended of Nan Roz Coalstead.

Meet them all in this book…

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A5 booklet, 36 pages, £3.00 (plus 50p p&p)
ISBN 978 1 904552 27 7


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