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Second City Stories – Greg Stokes


First published as a comb bound volume by the Kates Hill Press in 2006 now available in paperback.

Second City Stories is a collection of short stories from the pen of Black Country writer Greg Stokes, all set in the neighbouring city of Birmingham.
BIRMINGHAM, a huge city of a million souls and at one time a thousand trades.
BIRMINGHAM, a truly regional capital, and the teeming cosmopolitan second city of England.
BIRMINGHAM, great Victorian city with a vast manufacturing heritage.
BIRMINGHAM, vibrant international city of the twenty first century.
BIRMINGHAM, hammered by the politics of Thatcher in the 1980s, and then witness to a New Labour new social order.

SECOND CITY STORIES reflects all these shades of the great city of BRUM and the resilience and humour of the BRUMMIES who have lived through the changes and make it the great city that it is

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Royal 8vo paperback, 138 pages, £7.50 (plus £1.30 p&p)
ISBN 978 1 904552 52 9