Snowman 2 – Greg Stokes


Another hilarious comedy from Greg Stokes.

The wee lad who went walking in the air. We never learned his name, but it was Jimmy. Well, jimmy is now 18 and just out of therapy. all that walking talking snowman stuff was just unreal… or bollocks as we say in Dudley.

In Snowman 2 Jimmy has recently started work and is hoping to get off the mark with Fiona at the office Christmas party… Well, obsessed with getting off the mark with Fiona . Worried that things may drop off if he doesn’t succeed, a heavy snow falls to dash his hopes…

Then an old friend turns up, and this time he’s Scottish… and Father Christmas is a Scouser!!

Performed by Black Country Theatre

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CD 17’53”

£5.00 (plus 70p p&p)

Performed by Black Country Theatre

Recorded at Bay Ten Studios, Walsall, Monday 21st August 2017

Engineer Reece Haydon

Post edit, Barry Harper, Rocket Cottage Studio, West Bromwich