A Pocketful of Memories: War Memories (Recollections and Stories) – Greg Stokes


“This ‘Fifth Column’ apparently consisted of Nazi sympathizers who infiltrated anywhere where information could be gathered, hence the slogans that were invented, ‘Careless talk costs lives’ and ‘Walls have ears.’
From My War Memories by Sylvia Thomas

SYLVIA THOMAS was born and brought up in the west end of Dudley. She originally wrote her war memories for younger members of her own family in attempt to show them what it was like to live through the conflict. However, she went on to present the piece in schools. My War Memories has been on the Kates Hill Press website for a few years now and is one of the most frequently visited items.
TOSSIE PATRICK, author of A Pocketful of Memories – Blackheath, continues bringing the past to life with her recollections of the war as it affected the town, and a young women in work.
EDNA MITCHELL lived out in Wilnecote near Tamworth, very much a rural setting on the fringes of the west midlands conurbation. Much has been written about evacuees from their viewpoint. Edna recalls the evacuees coming to her community.
GREG STOKES has written two stories to accompany these recollections.
Greg spent many hours round at author CLARICE HACKETT’s house. Her husband Wilf used to tell a tale of the time he had to work all weekend in the war. THE LONG SHIFT is based on that tale.
In May 2006 Greg took IRENE M DAVIES, author of A Pocketful of Memories Rowley, to Birmingham to appear on the Carl Chinn Show. On the way back she told him of her time at the Button during the war. The story is reproduced here as LOCK OUT.

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