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Chant of the Mutha Tung – Billy Spakemon


“In Tippun things am pucked up they lyke stoowed tay.
Now the tacky bonks bay no moowa in Braidly”

From That’s the Wey we Spake

Dialect Poetry from Brian Dakin who writes and performs under the name Billy Spake Mon. This is a passionate volume that shows that the Black Country Dialect is here to stay.
Includes; “Naiyla Wimmin”, “That’s the Wey we Spake”, “Mutha Tung”, “In the Fode” and “Town on Foowa Moowerns.”
Read em out loud, get the rhythm, be proud….

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A5 booklet; 40 pages; £2.40 (plus 50p p&p)
ISBN 1 904552 00 5


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