Lamp Tavern Live – Tickets – The Stumble – Friday 10th July 2020

We welcome back the ever popular The Stumble for the first of two visits this year. Tickets £12.00 Your tickets will be available for collection on the door on the night of the show. If you would like to receive … Continued

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Ghost Voices – Barry Morris
"You round eyes, you come to my country, point your fingers , condemn our beliefs, rubbish our culture, try to change our values. What you know of values?" Set within the turmoil of the Vietnam war, Ghost Voices is a stark depiction of the affects of combat upon some of the men of 2 Bravo 6 Platoon Royal Marines.; their relationships, attitudes and reactions to dealing with the perpetual boredom and sudden horrors that peacekeeping can bring. Barry Morris reveals what others often omit; the unrelenting struggle to overcome fear and the powerlessness of having to witness abuse of non combatants. All monies from this title go to Amnesty International.
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Stories of the Old Black Country – Clarice Hackett
As earth closets went...this one wasn't too bad...rather smelly, but so was everyone else's Eggy in Eggy Goes Hop Picking Four short stories set in the late 19th/early 20th century Black Country. EGGY GOES HOP PICKING recalls the days when the annual hop picking trip was the annual holiday. In BLACK COUNTRY JUNGLE too much time in a kid's hide-away leads to trouble for Billy. Can things be mended? MATILDA'S STORY sees Enoch look for love. Other people have other ideas when he finds it. WHAT'S IN A NAME tells why Aunt Dustere was called that.
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Ray United – Raymond Smout
Ray United brings together Raymond Smout’s previous titles; A Pocketful of Memories - Coseley, An Unofficial History, and A Pocketful of Memories - Roseville, Wartime Memories in one volume together with his reflections on Dudley Workhouse, Dow Menshun Dudley Werkhowse. A Pocketful of Memories - Coseley is a history of the town he grew up in. Full of many facts, stories and photographs. A Pocketful of Memories - Roseville tells of life in Roseville in the war and the early 1950s. Dow Menshun Dudley Werkhowse is a continuation of Ray’s interest in the Sedgley area where Dudley’s workhouse was sited and is replete with his wry observations on the workhouse system in general and the parallels with modern attitudes to welfare.  
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Industrial Biography – The Black Country Chapters – Samuel Smiles
Samuel Smiles’ Industrial Biography - Iron Workers and Tool Makers was first published in 1863. In this volume are the chapters on the lives of Dud Dudley and Andrew Yarranton which will be of particular interest to anyone with an interest in Black Country history. That Dud Dudley claimed to have invented the means of smelting iron from sea coal is fairly widely known. Details of his life are more obscure. His capture by parliamentarians during the civil war, and his daring escape on the eve of his scheduled execution are described here. Andrew Yarranton was an iron founder who set up a furnace using Forest of Dean ironstone at Worcester, a project only possible because of the river Severn, but he is best remembered as a navigation engineer. He saw the potential in making the Stour navigable down to the Severn to in effect open up the Black Country. His project ultimately failed and it was a hundred years before the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal made a water connection to the region a reality. Andrew Yaranton’s life and visionary endeavours are described in detail.
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Taken Over – John Summerton
One day, Alistair Carne will win a bet… One day, he does… And that’s the day he has bet he can spend the night in a mental health institution and succeeded. Getting in? Easy peasy! So getting back out again the next day to collect his winnings will surely be simplicity itself… But this is the 21st Century Britain where simplicity itself is off the menu... Follow Alistair Carne’s fortunes as he seeks to escape the Kafkaesque nightmare of his own making in John Summerton’s hilarious debut novel. At turns moving and poignant, but brilliantly funny throughout, a story unfolds in which the lunatics really have TAKEN OVER the asylum.
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Poems Of Hope – Ian Henery
These Poems of Hope were born out of the Covid-19 pandemic which has swept away the old lifestyles of the entire world. Some are about what has befallen us all but the collection is far more wide ranging. There are poems for Ian’s daughters, for his partner, for his home town. Poems referencing local nature reserves, poems of Norse warriors and ancient gods, the Chinese Labour Corps, and  Sister Dora. Ian Henery is a successful local solicitor with offices across the West Midlands. But that’s just the day job. He is a prolific author and poet well known on the spoken word circuit. He is an indefatiguable supporter of his fellow wordsmiths and a generous supporter of local causes. Poems of Hope are indeed poems of Hope. This is as fine a collection of uplifting verse as you could wish to read. Ian Henery presents the Poetry Show on HOPE Radio 87.9FM. The station is a new project born out of the Covid-19 pandemic and is run by volunteers.   The cover photograph is of The Pillar Of Friendship at Coalbrookdale in Shropshire.  Within the pillar,  the panels are the work of sculptors from USA, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Palestine and the UK. As long as people from nations at conflict can unite in a project of friendship, there will always be HOPE.  
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Lamp Tavern Live – Tickets – Big Wolf Band – Friday 13th March 2020

We welcome Big Wolf Band back to the Lamp for our March gig. Tickets £8.00 Your tickets will be available for collection on the door on the night of the gig. If you would like to receive them through the … Continued

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