Echoes of Foiano Di Valfortore – Billy Spakemon and Angelo Guidotti
1955: Foiano Di Valfortore, a backwater in the Italian province of Benevento, where men toil in fields on picturesque hillsides to eek out a living. Oldbury, in the heart of the Black Country, where men toiled night and day in smoky factories to maintain the post war boom. Echoes of Foiano Di Valfortore tells of Guido Guidotti’s journey from the rolling hills of his forefathers to the rolling mills of the Black Country, a region which at first seem satanic, but will ultimately become a new home and provide a new life for his family. The Black Country, formed and forged over two centuries by the determination of families from th’off to come in and work in the industries.. Top Black Country poet Billy Spakemon joins Guido’s son, Angelo Guidotti to tell a tale of Black Country Italians, proud of their new land but for whom, there will always be Echoes of Foiano Di Valfortore
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Lamp Tavern Live – Tickets – Sean Webster/Ricky Dave Porter – Friday 12th June 2020

Lamp Tavern Live welcomes back Sean Webster for a double bill which includes Ricky Dave Porter who makes his Lamp debut.   Tickets £10.00 Your tickets will be available for collection on the door. If you want us to post … Continued

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Ray United – Raymond Smout
Ray United brings together Raymond Smout’s previous titles; A Pocketful of Memories - Coseley, An Unofficial History, and A Pocketful of Memories - Roseville, Wartime Memories in one volume together with his reflections on Dudley Workhouse, Dow Menshun Dudley Werkhowse. A Pocketful of Memories - Coseley is a history of the town he grew up in. Full of many facts, stories and photographs. A Pocketful of Memories - Roseville tells of life in Roseville in the war and the early 1950s. Dow Menshun Dudley Werkhowse is a continuation of Ray’s interest in the Sedgley area where Dudley’s workhouse was sited and is replete with his wry observations on the workhouse system in general and the parallels with modern attitudes to welfare.  
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Billy United – Billy Spakemon
Brian Dakin has been performing as Billy Spakemon since the 1990s, driven by his vision of promoting the language, the spake, of his forebears and his beloved Black Country. In 2001 the Kates Hill Press published his first collection Chant of the Mutha Tung. Two more volumes followed, Cor Yow Shurrup a Minit Billy, and Tummy Jones Odebry Mon. Billy United brings together all three of these previous books in one volume plus some new material. Billy United charts Billy Spakemon’s progression from his early days to the present, as the top performance poet of the Black Country and tireless champion of our culture through his shows on Black Country Radio and live events at which the broad range of local talent can be showcased.  
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Black Country Sketches – Amy Lyons
First published in 1901, the 16 stories in this volume are set in the Wednesbury area about a hundred years prior to that.  Drawing from papers that came into her possession and from the extensive works of local historian FW Hackwood, Amy Lyons vividly describes the conditions, superstitions and dangers of life in the Black Country 200 years ago.
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Metallum Martis – Dud Dudley
First published in 1665, Mettallum Martis sets down the trials and tribulations of Dud Dudley, favourite son of Lord Dudley by his concubine, Elizabeth Tomlinson.  Dud Dudley had discovered the secret of smelting iron using coal at a time timber stocks for charcoal burning were in decline.  In his lifetime he was to be thwarted in his efforts by lawsuits, flood, and riotous mob.  In Mettallum Martis, he puts his side of the story.
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Memories and Thoughts – Tossie Patrick
"There comes a thrush around each day To sing to us his merry lay" From The Thrush Several of her poems have been published previously in The Black Country Bugle but here, for the first time in one collection, are all the poems of TOSSIE PATRICK which cover such diverse subjects as the seasons, nature, and writing as well as describing her family and the Black Country. Includes; "An Ode to Shenstone Woods", "Flowers in Season", "Mill House", "Black Country Nostalga", "When Pat Collins Fun Fair Came To Blackheath."
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Cor Yow Shurrup A Minit Billy! – Billy Spakemon
Billy Spakemon is the stage and pen name of Brian Dakin. As a child, as the title suggests, Brian could ’gie aspro the yed airche’ as he just wouldn’t stop rattling. As an adult, thankfully, he is no different. Dedicated to the promotion of the Black Country dialect as the core of our identity, Billy Spakemon’s output of poems, stories and songs in his ‘mutha tung’ is truly prodigious, reminiscent of the output of Bob Dylan in his youth. Billy has been performing his work across the region for years and is it’s finest performance poet. This collection of consists of poems, stories and songs, many of which have been performed live at the Lamp Tavern in Dudley where he is resident, and elsewhere. The Graiyte Eskairpe is also available on CD. So, sit back get yer yed in his book, tune into his spake, and enjoy the bard of the Black Country. Foreword by Professor Carl Chinn MBE
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