Chain-Makers, Chapels and Pubs – Peter Head
Cyprus based author and son of Cradley, Peter Head, takes us on a journey spanning two centuries. It is the Journey his family took from the countryside of Shropshire to the industrial heartland of Cradley where much of the world’s chain was being forged. It is a story of Chain-makers, Chapels and Pubs as some family members became ministers, and others became publicans. In charting the story of his own family Peter Head tells the history of the most important chain-making town in the world from its infancy to its post industrial present. Born into a family passionate about the Black Country dialect, the final part of the book contains the most comprehensive glossary of Black Country words and phrases since Jon Ravens Black Country Waerd Books of the late 1970s   Includes: Many Previously unpublished photographs Glossary of Black Country words
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Those Were The Days – Carol Hathorne
The first part of nationally acclaimed author Carol Hathorne’s autobiography, SLURRY & STRAWBERRIES was published by the Black Country Society in 2002 and covered the early years of her Tipton childhood.  Carol went on to write a further two parts, BREAD PUDDING DAYS, and A WOODBINE ON THE WALL covering her teenage years.   In 2006, The Kates Hill Press brought out FIVE MINUTES LOVE, bringing together in one volume all three parts of this incredible story as a comb bound publication. It was made  available in paperback in 2011. In the meantime Carol Hathorne continued with her story, writing ALL SHOOK UP which was published by the Kates Hill Press in booklet form in 2007. The final two parts of he her autobiography are, UP, UP AND AWAY, and ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. The three part to the story are brought together in THOSE WERE THE DAYS.   ALL SHOOK UP takes the author into the world of work and relationships.   UP, UP AND AWAY wherein Carol Hathorne becomes a published author from a youth culture fuelled by Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan and caught up in the antagonisms of the time. A first trip abroad completes the section.   ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE with Carol working as a reporter for West Bromwich News, her emergence into adult life.   At turns moving, endearing and funny, THOSE WERE THE DAYS is a must for anyone interested in the social history of the  Black Country, and for anyone for whom those were indeed the days.  
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Lone Wolf – Len Webster
Brought up in Smethwick in the close packed streets a stone's throw from West Bromwich Albion's ground, Len Webster first worked as a local journalist before gaining English degrees then going on to become a teacher and lecturer. He has travelled extensively, particularly in south east Asia which has been the setting for much of his published work. In Lone Wolf Len recalls the streets of his home town with a fondness demonstrating that distance either in miles or years in no way diminishes closeness with family, friends and familiar places. Len's other works include Beneath the Blue Moon and Hell-riders. While living in Singapore, he was a finalist in the Asiaweek short story competition.
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Ray United – Raymond Smout
Ray United brings together Raymond Smout’s previous titles; A Pocketful of Memories - Coseley, An Unofficial History, and A Pocketful of Memories - Roseville, Wartime Memories in one volume together with his reflections on Dudley Workhouse, Dow Menshun Dudley Werkhowse. A Pocketful of Memories - Coseley is a history of the town he grew up in. Full of many facts, stories and photographs. A Pocketful of Memories - Roseville tells of life in Roseville in the war and the early 1950s. Dow Menshun Dudley Werkhowse is a continuation of Ray’s interest in the Sedgley area where Dudley’s workhouse was sited and is replete with his wry observations on the workhouse system in general and the parallels with modern attitudes to welfare.  
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Ghost Voices – Barry Morris
"You round eyes, you come to my country, point your fingers , condemn our beliefs, rubbish our culture, try to change our values. What you know of values?" Set within the turmoil of the Vietnam war, Ghost Voices is a stark depiction of the affects of combat upon some of the men of 2 Bravo 6 Platoon Royal Marines.; their relationships, attitudes and reactions to dealing with the perpetual boredom and sudden horrors that peacekeeping can bring. Barry Morris reveals what others often omit; the unrelenting struggle to overcome fear and the powerlessness of having to witness abuse of non combatants. All monies from this title go to Amnesty International.
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History of Holy Trinity Parish Church Old Hill 1876-2018 – Edward Chitham and Jackie Kendall
Holy Trinity Church is the Parish Church of Old Hill, the Black Country township which lies at the foot of the hill up to Netherton. This new history, lovingly told, tell the story of this Parish Church portraying its roll in a thriving community from its founding in 1876 to the present day. Includes many colour photographs.
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My Mate Stan – A Personal History of St Andrews and Stuff – John Summerton
Birmingham City Football Club were founded in 1875 and have played at St Andrews since 1906. To celebrate the centenary of the ground John Summerton has woven his personal odyssey as a Bluenose with a history of the stadium. It tells of the highs and the lows, the delight and the pain. It is at turns touching, poignant, and downright funny. It is about football, family and friends, but above all it is about John's mate StAn. Top football reporter and commentator Tom Ross talks of the football family of the west midlands. In that spirit, My Mate Stan is written by a Bluenose, published by a Baggie, and printed just over the road from the Custard Bowl, home of the Dingles.. sorry, Molineux Stadium, home of the Wolves. This is the 21st title of Kates Hill Press project. While all titles to date have been Black Country based, it was always the hope/intention to be pan west midlands. My Mate Stan is our first Birmingham title, the first of many we hope.
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Echoes of Foiano Di Valfortore – Billy Spakemon and Angelo Guidotti
1955: Foiano Di Valfortore, a backwater in the Italian province of Benevento, where men toil in fields on picturesque hillsides to eek out a living. Oldbury, in the heart of the Black Country, where men toiled night and day in smoky factories to maintain the post war boom. Echoes of Foiano Di Valfortore tells of Guido Guidotti’s journey from the rolling hills of his forefathers to the rolling mills of the Black Country, a region which at first seem satanic, but will ultimately become a new home and provide a new life for his family. The Black Country, formed and forged over two centuries by the determination of families from th’off to come in and work in the industries.. Top Black Country poet Billy Spakemon joins Guido’s son, Angelo Guidotti to tell a tale of Black Country Italians, proud of their new land but for whom, there will always be Echoes of Foiano Di Valfortore
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