Last Virion Standing – Greg Stokes


Last Virion Standing – A Journey to, through and beyond hepatitis C
This book is very much what it says on the tin. Hepatitis C is a dread condition, you don’t want it! Hepatitis C can kill you. It’s caused by hepatitis C virus. A single virus particle is called a virion, and a single virion can replicate. For that reason any treatment of hepatitis C has to take the infection down to the last virion standing, and then it has to take that one out too… Otherwise it will replicate and replicate and you will still be infected. In this book, the nature and pervasiveness of hepatitis C is explained as is the development of treatments.
Author Greg Stokes gained infection through infected blood products. Part of the book is devoted to the nature of clotting disorders and how treatment was developed. It also focuses on how these treatments came to be infected and how a large proportion of the haemophiliac community was wiped out as a result. This episode is the greatest treatment disaster in the history of the NHS and is to the great shame of those involved in the serial failures of healthcare professionals and government. It is an alarming story that needs to be widely publicised.
The author’s own journey to and through treatment is also chronicled. This is an alarming story too in parts.
Although it is one man’s story, there is a commonality with the stories of all the other people who were infected; the inevitability of infection by virtue of having a bleeding disorder, lost medical notes, not being told when first infected…

Cover photograph courtesy of Linda Harper Hocknull
Rocket Cottage Photography, West Bromwich

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Royal 8vo paperback, 298 pages, £12.50 (plus £2.30 p&p)
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